Packages. “Basic”
( please note pricing is subject to change based on size and coat of each pet. There will be additional charges for severe matting, fleas and ticks, severe aggression .)
All packages are based on the size of the pet small under 25lbs medium 25-50lbs large 50-80lbs xl anything over 80lbs
Bath package : shampoo/condition , blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning .
Select sm/md/lg/xl
$16, 24, 30, 40+ starting prices for sizes

Full Groom package includes everything in the bath plus a haircut and style of your choice
Sm $35+, md $50+ LG, $65+ xl $75+
Add ons for packages
Hypoallergenic shampoo +$2
Oatmeal shampoo +$2
Flea & Tick Dip $8
Flea & Tick topical $23
Sm (under 25lb) deshed +$5 LG(over 25lbs ) +$10
Teeth brushing +$8
Nail polish +$5

Single service only
Nail trims $8
Ear cleaning $5
Teeth brushing $10 (includes toothbrush)
Gland expression $10

Cat Grooming
Bath/NT $35
Full Grooms $55